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The Puppet theatre at the Crossroads (PTAC) in Banská Bystrica is a professional and artistic establishment. The theatre creates and publicly performs theatrical pieces. The founder of the theatre is a higher territorial unit – the Self-governing Region of Banská Bystrica. The Theatre was set up in Banská Bystrica in 1960 and for the following 50 years has successfully performed within the area of plays for children, young adults and adults in Slovakia.

Our goal is to guide spectators of all ages so when they grow up and have children of their own, they will come back to the theatre with these.
Our goal is to reach out to young adults and adults so they come to see our puppet plays designated to this age group.
Our goal is to create a space for non-commercial and non-consumer production at a higly professional level.

The theatre´s activities are concerned with:
Creating plays for children 
Creating plays for adults 
Creating various theatre projects
Public display of our and guest theatre performances
Representation at home and abroad
Organizing the international festival Bábkarská Bystrica (The Puppet Bystrica), biannually
In creation of plays for adults we prefer putting up original plays and closely following values of the European drama tradition. In preparation of our plays we rely on means of theatrical expression, we merge and mingle various genres, methods and styles of developing a specific language of theatre. When it comes to children´s plays we prefer to use puppets, various techniques of animation, and our broad experience of the clasic puppetry, because that is the most optimal way to achieve close contact  and communication with a child (cycle Let´s play with fairytales).
Other than performing, we are also being involved in various project with various cultural institutions, schools, partners from Banská Bystrica and foreign institutions. From 2005 to 2008 we were the only Slovak theatre involved in the project www.ruzovyamodrysvet.sk organized by the association Aspekt that was concerned with uncovering the theme of gender issues in Slovakia. Our studio TWIGA (Theatre Women Improvisation Gender Action), set up in 2007, is the follow up of this project and it continues in creating a gender sensitive language in theatre.
In its work, BDNR (PTAC) follows these goals:
To vindicate the significance of culture being funded by the government as we create production for children and young adults.
To vindicate the significance of communication to public through the means of theatre
To coopearate with all pedagogical figures of all levels and institutions that are concerned with development of children´s personality.
To create multi-genre project for children of all ages.
To give a chance to young adults and children to get to know theatre and to discover other means of culture.
To form a gender sensitive language and uncover gender issue in a theatrical environment.
To vindicate the charter of  basic human and children rights.

All activities of the theatre follow these principles:
straightforward communication, respect and tolerance towards differences, delivery of positive values and emotions,  reception and transmission of impulses, inspiration, crossing of lines, defeat of boredom.