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Prize of the mayor of the city of Banská Bystrica.

Prize of the mayor of the city of Banská Bystrica for improving theatre culture a memorial plate for development of Banskobystrický region.

Marianna Mackurová was awarded a Prize for her performance as Anna at festival Kopřiva v Kopřivnici.

HAŠTERICA 2004 – Prize for a development in puppet theatre in Slovakia was awarded for a play Kubo, directed by Marián Pecko.

Marián Pecko was awarded for his unique production of classic stories, particularly The Beauty and the Beast and Kubo, Spectaculo Interesse, Ostrava, Czech republic, September 2005. Premium of Literature Fund to Ján Haruštiak for his performance as a witch and a dad in Perníková Chalúpka and to Iveta Škripková for her Stage readings in season 2004/2005 and to our actress, Mária Šamajová for her performances in season 2004/2005.
Mr. Marián Pecko, a director of our theatre, was awarded an Annual Prize of Slovak Fund of Literature by Department of Creative Activities in theatre, radio and entertainment industry for his work on Bača’s wife in Urban theatre of the city of Žilina.
Our actress Marianna Mackurová was awarded Annual Prize of Slovak Fund of Literature for her performance as a baroness in A bizarre afternoon at Dr. Zvonka Burke and her overall performance in season 2004/2005.

Annual Prize of Slovak Fund of Literature was awarded to Marián Pecko for his Bača’s wife perfomed in Žilina. Iveta Horváthová was awarded the second place in a competition Drama 2005 for her play Fetišistky. The play is perfomed by the Slovak National Theatre.

Mária Šamajová was awarded for her performance in Ann Rose and Tonny Bluesky at an international festival of solo-puppeteers in Poland. Iveta Horváthová’s play The skin trader was awarded a Golden Theatre Frog.

FROG at the spring 2008, a competition for original theatre plays about equal opportunities for men and women awarded Iveta Skripková for her play Black&White.

Pearl of neighbours for Jozef Hollý’s play KUBO (directed by Marián Pecko) at an international festival Neighbours in Poland.

Literature Fund awarded Ivana Kováčová a premium for her performance as a singer in a play Restart: Frankenstein, Mária Šamajová for her Widow in Mocad(r)ames, Marián Pecko for directing Restart: Frankenstein.
Ivana Kováčová, our actress, was awarded Prize of Slovak Literature Fund for her performance in Theatre of Jonáš Záborský in Prešov in a play: Belief, love and hope!, Premiums were awarded to Marián Pecko for directing Tales of the dog and the cat, actress Mária Šamajová and an actor Juraj Smutný were both awarded for their performances in previous season.

Iveta Pecková was awarded the third place in a competition for the best original text for her play for youths Miracles in Pyjamas.

Štefan Píšš was awarded in memoriam a Memorial Plate and a Flower of culture and art for his life achievement, development of the region, excellent performance and development of puppetry.

The play A secret of Skutecky’s house directed by Iva Jurčová was awarded a Prize of the audience at festival New Drama in Bratislava.

Our theatre was awarded a special Prize of the Committee for the play ATMs and Sarcophagus at the 6th festival of New Drama in Bratislava. The play was created in cooperation with the Theatre Institute and was played to celebrate 20th anniversary of Velvet Revolution.

Iveta Horváthová was one of the finalists of Drama 2009 with her play Crumbs.
Our theatre was awarded the Prize of the Regional Governor for its 50-year history and achievemnets in art, theatre and organizing an international festival Bábkarská Bystrica.
State Scientific Library in Banská Bystrica awarded our theatre and Mgr.art. Iveta Škripková a Memorial Plate for long-term cooperation and development of creative activities.
The mayor of Banská Bystrica awarded our theatre a Memorial Plate of the city of Banská Bystrica for its 50th unniversary.

Actor Tomáš Mischura who was a member of our troupe in the season 2010/2011, was awarded a prestigious Slovak award Dosky 2011 in category Discovery of the season 2010/2011. He was awarded this prize for his performance of Gregor Sams in play A Change directed by Marián Pecko. It is his first Dosky award and it is the first time also for us.
Iveta Horváthová’s text Family blues was awarded the second place in an anonymous competition which was a part of Alfréd Radok’s Awards for 2010. This play was also awarded a special prize Golden Frog for an extraordinary achievement in gender equality.

Slovak Literature Fund awarded Prizes and premiums for achievement in the previous season, here are our achievements:
Mária Šamajová was awarded for her role Božka in Reality of dreams and an actress in play for children Tatranky.
Nina Müller was awarded for her two roles, one in Variations of love and for her role of a daughter.
Marián Pecko and Iveta Škripková were awarded for their initialization of project Toddlerium for toddlers in Slovakia.


Acting premium for her achievement in the role of Rabbit and several other characters in Bon Appetit, Wolf!, a play by M. Gusniewska, was awarded to Mária Šamajová; another acting premium went to to Eva Dočolomanská for her portrayal of woman in a female choir featured in Diagnosis: Word (Diagnóza:slovo); directing premium to Marián Pecko for his inspiring direction and translation of Bon Appetit, Wolf!, a children‘s by Marta Gusniewska, to Iveta Škripková for her dramaturgical work at the Thesaurus of Sexism project supported by the Government Office SR.
The TWIGA Studio received the FIFTH WOMAN Award 2013 in its opening year in the category of ART for its long term involvement in fighting violence against women.


Director Marián Pecko received a yearly award by the Slovak Literary Fund for his achievement in directing and staging Nostalgy (Nostalgia). Acting premium for this same play was awarded to actresses Mária Danadová, Mária Šamajová, and actors Juraj Smutný and Tomáš Mišura. Internal actor and actress with regard to their acting achievement in the play Ilona, the Wife of Hviezdoslav.
PTAC received the Children's Jury Award (3rd place) at the Puppetry Bystrica 2014, Double Impulse festival for its play Bon Appétit, Wolf!


The International Festival of Contemporary Puppet Theatre for Children and Adults in Banská Bystrica was awarded the EFFE label for 2015-2016. This indicates that the festival is a part of EFFE - Europe for Festival, Festival for Europe, a significant festival platform.
PTAC received another significant award this year at the Puppet Žilina 2015 (Bábková Žilina 2015) festival - in the category of “creativity in Slovak puppetry” for their cycle Toddlerium.
Acting premium for the play T.V. Recipes was awarded to actress Mária Šamajová. Acting premium for the play Diary of a madman was awarded to actress Ivana Kováčová.

Ajka Liňajka received premium by the Slovak Literary Fond for dramaturgy and direction of Linetoddlerium.