Tuesday 23rd September at 6:00 PM, PTAC/Teatrium

Meet the organizers of the Bábkarská Bystrica festival and their guests. As a part of the Slovak initiative www.nacoumenie.sk.

The iniciative A Day without Art and www.nacoumenie.sk have been set up to serve as a forum for stating and publishing opinions, as well as for data collection, on the topic of how significant art is and what is its status both in Slovakia and abroad. It intends to raise the awareness of various issues, to acquire a scale of opinions, to encourage a public discussion, to seek for answers, but also to enhance the attitude of the elite and the broad public towards art. The general organizer of the forum is the Divadelná Nitra Association, www.nitrafest.sk + logo iniciatívy.


Wednesday 24th September at 6:00 PM, PTAC/Teatrium 
Meet the visiting guests accompanied by the presentation of international festivals from Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary, Portugal, Slovakia and elsewhere.


Thursday 25th September at 6:00 PM, PTAC/Teatrium
Discussion about the spectacles for children introduced at the festival Bábkarská Bystrica 2014. 
Presentation of the Children's jury award.    

All festival productions performing throughout the three days of the First Impulse will be observed by three students of the Drama Studies Department at the Academy of Performing Arts, Bratislava: Barbora Forkovičová, Lucia Šmatláková, Ján Balaj and by a theatrologist Eva Kyselová. Their observations and reflections will be presented at the closing ceremony of the First Impulse. The discussion will be led by Eva Kyselová and its proceedings will be edited and published at the www.bdnr.sk website and as a part of the biweekly journal Reflector, the online student revue of the Theatre Studies Department, APA Bratislava at www.reflektor.vsmu.sk.
In association with the Theatre Studies Department, VŠMU Bratislava.