03rd September – 30th September, The State Scientific Library/Gallery in the attic

Touring exhibition dedicated to the 450th birth anniversary of playwright William Shakespeare.

Opening: 03/09/2014 at 5pm, opening hours: Tue – Fri: 10am – 5pm


The first touring exhibition commemorating birth and death of William Shakespeare contemplates the stage life of romantic heroes. Even though these constitute, by number and production tradition, the tiniest part of Shakespeare's work, they are still significant to the history of Slovak professional theatre and culture. The exhibition grounds the world at the edge of dreams and reality. Reality that quite often intertwines with surreality, the world of people with the world of magical creatures. Musicality of Shakespeare's plays proves further the universality of his work. They acts as a mirror to particular events in human life and thus let us to freely interpret our own world (written by: Martin Timko).
Exhibition custodian: Martin Timko, artistic and space-related production: Miroslav Daubrava, graphic production: Viera Burešová, technical production: Milan Havlík. Print: COPEX s.r.o.


The Theatre Institute has organized the exhibition on the occasion of Bard's 450th birthday anniversary.
We express our gratitude to the State Scientific Library for their support and assistance in the organization of the exhibition.