Nina Malíková:


Shakespeare and the Czech puppet theatre

Shakespeare has been a specific phenomenon in the Czech puppetry. Encountering Shakespeare and his work with the help of wandering marionetteers was often the very first chance for a rural audience to discover the high culture of distinguished drama. The Merchant of Venice, and later even the Twelfth Night, were an integral component of their repertories and in the early 20th century also featured in repertories of Czech communal theatres. Due to their timelessness, Shakespeare's works found their way to Czech puppet theatres even after the year 1945. Productions of DRAK Theatre (Midsummer Night's Dream), The Naive Theatre Liberec (Tempest) and Lampion Theatre (Macbeth) being the most significant, Shakespeare's plays have their prominent place in the contemporary history of puppetry. The lecture will be completed by a photo-and-video presentation.


Nina Malíková

Theatre critic, historian, journalist and translator. She is a graduate of the Department of History and Theory of Theatre at the Faculty of Arts and Philosophy of Charles University (1969), Prague. She worked as a dramaturge at the Victorious February Theater in Hradec Kralové (today‘s Klicpera Theater), S. K. Neumann Theater, Prague (presently Palmovka Theater), Theatre Lampion, Kladno. Since 2000, she has been the editor in chief of the Puppeteer magazine, and has been working (since 1970) as a teacher at the Department of Alternative and Puppet Theatre at the Theatre Faculty of the Academy of Performing Arts, Prague. Currently, she is the expert consultant in the field of Czech Puppet Theatre at the Arts and Theatre Institute, as well as a consultant and custodian of puppet exhibitions (Charleville-Mézières, France 2012, Ohio, USA 2013 and Sofia, Bulgar 2014). Since 1996, she has acted as the main organizer of the Přelet nad loutkařským hnízdem festival (One Flew Over the Puppeteer´s Nest) in Prague.