the 19th International Festival Bábkarská Bystrica 2014, Double Impulse

For the nineteenth time already we have the chance to welcome you on the road to ideas, inspiration, and imagination, with our puppet theatre for both children and adults. We are happy to announce that already for the nineteenth time we have the honour to bring into life this mixture of theatrical and non-theatrical festival impulses, despite the socio-economical problems we have encountered. Due to these, we were obliged to resign on street theatre and Teatralies. Nevertheless, the festival programme is introducing 21 productions, out of which 12 are dedicated to children of various age categories (from toddlers to older, and teen-age) and 9 productions for adults. All this happening within 5 days at 4 theatre-related and 2 non-theatre-related venues,  performed by 15 theatres and troupes from 5 European countries (Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Poland, and Portugal). Experience the festival and encounter with almost two hundred actors and actresses performing for an audience of several thousand spectators.

The First Impulse presents its spectators with shows that demonstrate the variety of creative theatre forms and practices within puppetry for children. The festival introduces a sample of drama productions that thematically oppose the contemporary (consumerist) form of entertainment, mainly the pop culture for minors (TV, PC, internet, etc.). The First Impulse will finish with a closing ceremony and presentation of the Children's Jury Award.

The Second Impulse for adults is purposely introducing some productions with challenging themes (W. Shakespeare, topics of faith, war and violence) alongside with two lighter, more whimsical shows. It focuses on the key societal events in the life of man: 450th birthday anniversary of W. Shakespeare, 70th anniversary of the Slovak National Uprising, 75th anniversary of the WW II outbreak, etc.

This year's accompanying events belong among the festival's research activities. We hope that they will contribute to the diversity and multiplication of impulses. Throughout the festival there will be: film screening, exhibitions, Meeting with …, gala presentation of a book on the topic of Slovak war drama, international teatrological conference W. Shakespeare and his interpretations through puppetry, etc. New for this year is Commence the eviction!, a project commemorating the 70th year of the Slovak National Uprising, that has been produced especially for the purposes of the festival and is therefore, the very first festival production in the history of Bábkarská Bystrica (More information about the programme of individual impulses in the bulletin).

As time goes by, we recognize the uniqueness of these moments (and of the festival itself) more and more. Along with the uniqueness of encountering art. And allowing it to bring us closer to each other. We are glad, that you are joining us.
We are looking forward to all spectators in Banská Bystrica! To all our distinguished guests from around Europe! We believe that the festival is important for the cultural domain in Slovakia as well as internationally.
Enjoy the 19th year of the Bábkarská Bystrica festival 2014, Double Impulse!
Welcome to Banská Bystrica! Welcome to Slovakia!

We are delighted that the festival is contributing, if just for a little while, to the forward movement of these three ,,Is”: ideas, inspiration, imagination. 
If fate and time treat us well, in two years we will meet at the 20th jubilee!

We would like to express our gratitude to everyone who supported the production of the Bábkarská Bystrica 2014 financially or morally! 


On behalf of the organizing team Iveta Škripková